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MJ Boshers is an American author and songwriter. She resides in Hartselle Alabama where the small town and country-side fuels her imagination. Writing in the fantasy genre as well as  young-adult, this author takes the reader's imagination to a new level. With music being another passion for her she likes to add it to her novels when she can. Living in the South all her life gives her the knowledge to give her books some southern flair. Following her love for art, she went to college and studied graphic design. Today she uses her skills for her own marketing. MJ loves to give back to her community by empowering young women to stay motivated and never give up on their dreams. You can follow her on  the social media links below. Don't forget to watch Trailers on trailer page!

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Monstrous Men

A Garrison Family Saga


Family is everything…and it’s not about blood…it’s about who you would die for and who would die for you. 


A group of orphaned teens come together after one of them witness a murder and another is adopted by the murderer. They set off on a mission to rescue her, but soon discover she doesn’t want to be rescued. With the murderer one step ahead of them, they turn to an old friend. Entering a world of money, power, lies, and murder they realize they’re in way over their head. While trying to get out they dig themselves even deeper into this new world. Soon they are all in and they have everything they have ever wanted…a family, but can they survive the Garrisons, the richest and most powerful New Orleans crime family.


A young girl is torn from the mortal world and brought to a land full of magic. While discovering the possibilities of this exciting world, she unlocks a deadly secret. New friends  show her the magic she holds within herself and realize their magic is stronger together. They must work in unity to stop an evil from destroying their world. Though they find love and power, they also find murder and betrayal. Can all survive this dangerous task? Will they rise to the challenge of what is set before them or will they fall beneath the ashes of what they are meant to save? Please stop by Amazon or Goodreads to place a review.  Thanks.


Fantasy/books/Ancient Blood/MJ Boshers/teen/paranormal/The Faewitch Series Book 2


As the wedding of the century unfolds, trouble erupts to bring more devastation to Sophie's world. A prophecy is revealed that could turn everything around. Relationships will be tested beyond normal limits, but can Sophie resist the temptation to give up when she feels her world is falling apart. Making decisions is never an easy task, but one act of betrayal is made that could have drastic consequences. She must see past her emotions to help save their world from another evil that wants to keep her from possessing power greater than ever before.   Please stop by Amazon or Goodreads to place a review.  Thanks.

The Faewitch Series Book 3/Guardian of the Queen/ MJ Boshers/teen/fantasy/paranormal/books/best book series
shortstory/ebooks/MJ Boshers/Pure/paranormal


With a broken-heart and a broken spirit, Sophie must work through the pain once again to fight an evil worse than anything they've ever faced. With all that has happened, can her mind handle another loss or will it finally break her down? Something or someone is mixing blood-lines to create a powerful army. When her mortal friends are caught in the mix and everyone around her is dying, she must call on a higher power. With the few that remain, is unity enough to save their world from ruin? The last in The Faewitch Series, Book 3 brings more chaos, creatures, and surprises to give this series a jaw-dropping ending.  Please stop by Amazon or Goodreads to place a review.  Thanks.

Pure     (short story)

Jenna is on the verge of giving up on life. She wants to be loved and desired more than anything. When she meets Derik all her dreams come true, but the price she has to pay may be more than she can handle. Her heart may get broken or ripped right out of her chest...


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Gutted Souls (A Book of Poems)

Gutted Souls is a book of poems about love, loss, and dreams. Some words inspire, some words destroy, some words are power, and some bring us joy. Though in this book, I hope to inspire you, to seek emotions that you never knew. - MJ Boshers

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Five women take a get-a-way to write their first book in a series on the body, mind, and soul called Body-lutions. They set out for the adventure of a lifetime, but the town’s spooky vibe and strange occurrences may interfere with what they came to do. Adventure is around every corner in this little town along with its history. So many distractions to avoid, but these five women only have seven days to sit down and have five round table discussions on how they keep their bodies balanced. From oils to diets, to meditation, these discussions are sure to help anyone that is struggling with staying balanced; but will this town drive them away before they can finish what they have set out to do. The residents of this little town may have a different plan for them. A fun and entertaining book that will make you laugh and learn tips on how to help your body stay balanced.This book contains adult content and is not meant for younger readers.

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Other Projects:

The Snake Charmer (Short Story)


The Butterfly Element (Book 1 in the Secrets of Elementals Series)





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