So now is the best part of this process. You finally get to start putting all this thought into action. I hope these steps have helped you at least begin this journey. All you have to do is go through the outline and plug away. First, my advice would be to make the first few paragraphs pop. Have a dramatic opening. Make the reader want to read more. If they get lost on detail, they will lose interest.

Don't worry if you can't think of a dramatic first paragraph yet. Just start plugging in the information and work later on rearranging it all. The action part is just that...action. You can change everything up later. You just need the opening line and you are good to go.

Once upon a time...There once was a girl...A warm summer get the picture. Just start. I will be back tomorrow to talk about my first paragraph in one of my novels. Thanks for stopping by and reading.


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