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So, you want to write a book. Do you know where to start? That is why you are reading this post right now, right? Over the next week I am going to share with you some steps that I have taken that has helped me with all my books. For some people it is easier to write in steps, an outline, or just go in and start writing. I do a little of all three. Let's face it, most authors still have jobs to go to. Sometimes, even if you love doing it, writing after a hard day at work is like trying to make your six year old do homework instead of playing a video game. You just don't want to do'd rather be sleeping at 10:00 at night...right? Well, I'm here to help with that. Even though these steps may only take a few minutes a night, you will see dramatic process with your writing. For will actually start writing and that is the point. Just getting started is what you need. (These steps are for fiction books, but you can put them toward non-fiction too. Except when we talk about characters. You can adjust as needed.) When the week is up we can write our books together and share our progress. Let's do this together. #togetherwearestronger

Okay, so let's get started.

Step one is that idea that has been stuck in your mind forever, but you didn't know how to put it all down on paper. What, who, and where? What genre? What is the theme? Who is it about? And where does it mostly take place? These are the things you need to focus on tonight. Research books in the same genre. Do you want to write Fiction or non-fiction? Fantasy or romance? Faeries or the wild west? There are no limits. My advice is to start with something you love to read because if you love to read about will love to write about it.


Research genre you want to write.

Narrow it down.

Find your who, what, and where.

Tomorrow we will work on step 2, making an outline. (The Plan)

Thanks for coming in and reading. I hope this helps you START YOUR JOURNEY.

Keep coming back for more steps. I will be here for any questions you have. Just use the contact form and don't forget to sign up for my newsletter.


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