The Plan

Did you get your homework done? If so, let's move on to t

he next step. Step two is the plan or the outline of the project. It will look a bit like this. Some people have a more detailed outline. Feel free to add anything you already know you want in the story. Like I said before, I choose to do bit by bit.

I. Where

A. Figure out the location that your story will take place.

B. Will the story take place in only this location

C. If not, will they go back and forth

II. Who

A. Characters names (you can start with just the main characters right now)

B. How many (rough estimate. You can always change this later.)

C. Background checks ( You need to come up with some kind of background for each character. Writing it down will help keep everything from getting confusing. It will also help you avoid mistakes.)

III. What

A. What is the theme of this story

B. What is the conflict (If you don't know this yet, you can skip. It will come to you soon.)

C. What is the lesson learned (Every story has a lesson the character learned or something that made them grow.)

This is just a basic outline so feel free to change it up. It will help you along the way so do not throw it away. Save all your work!! You never know when it will come in handy.

That is it for tonight. Thanks for stopping in. I hope this gets you writing! The next step will be Sunday night. I can't wait to start the final step with you.


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